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sustainbleSMARTS is an energy and environmental industry market leader that offers a line of clean energy and environmental technology solutions, digital content publishing programs, and seed capital solutions for new energy startups and entrepreneurs.

Our Clean Energy Investments and Standards (CEIS) program is a skill-gap training and a career path for energy entrepreneurs, career professionals and investors. A true virtual learning environment that offers dynamic scalability and effective global access to energy and environmental “Project Life-Cycle” training and marketing programs.

We fill the void between the Utility’s Energy Center programs and certificate and degree programs at community colleges and universities. Our precedent standard of care and programs are based on an historic monetization of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) investment capital. Our cloud based, e-learning programs foster global community participation for the immediate reduction of emissions worldwide.

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Why Become a sustainableSMARTS Energy Professional?

Clean energy career pathways are mandatory to improve progress toward AB 32 mandates for energy efficiency and renewables. The proper training of energy professionals by certified professionals that have strategically planned, financed, and delivered energy and environmental program is the key to achieving success in your Energy and Environmental Business in a Box.

What are Energy Professional benefits?

1. Risk-Free, paid-in-full money back guarantee if: (a) You did not receive the program that you purchased; (b) You did receive a program that does not match the course description.

2. You gain access to Fortune 100 business and risk management “know-how” and an ironclad Investment Grade Audit and Report developed for the historic monetization of ARRA investment capital.

3. As an Energy Professional, you receive an Energy and Environmental ” Business-in-a-Box ” ( GET YOUR EEBIB )

4. You will receive sustainableSMARTS Energy Professional Certification.

5. You may earn income, residual income and equity in companies that you introduce to our services and programs.

6. You receive FREE Solar Energy Professional Training and have immediate access to the Solar Energy Systems Program.

7. You will have access to our Energy Professional Training Programs

  • CEIS Training Programs
  • Personal Development Training
  • Millionaire Mindset Training
  • Powerful Prospecting Training
  • Fortune 100 Business Development/Risk Management Training
  • Integrated Marketing Programs ( Network, Online, and Social Media )
  • Time Management Training