Deregulated Energy

The deregulated energy market for electricity and natural gas is over a 500 Billion dollar industry. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have indicated that the greatest transference of wealth will occur in our life time as a result of the deregulation of energy. Multiple states now offer residential, commercial, and industrial end users a choice to receive competitively priced electricity and natural gas from retail energy service providers.

sustainableSMARTS provides expert analysis, advice, and services for you to take advantage of energy savings on your electricity and natural gas bills in select deregulated markets. Your service will not change. You will see no difference in your service. Your current utility provider will read your meter as before, and will continue to transport and deliver electricity and/or natural gas to your home or business, just like their other customers.

sustainableSMARTS service providers are very reliable. Utilities requires any new service provider to complete a certification process, which includes meeting credit and technical requirements, before they can enroll and serve customers. In the rare instance of a service provider leaving the market, our customers would continue to receive natural gas, without interruption, directly from the utility.