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sustainableSMARTS founder Patrick A. Weller, LEED AP authored the Smart Modernization and Retrofit Technology Solutions (SMARTS Program) recognized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), commonly referred to as the Stimulus or The Recovery Act. Our ARRA Investment Grade Audit exceeds Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act guidelines, and all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulation requirements.

The California cities of Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande, Duarte, Hawaiian Gardens, Bell Gardens, and the City of Carson City, NV approved the award-winning program to implement cost-effective, self-funding programs to modernize their public facilities. The SMARTS program delivered the following fiscal and environmental benefits:

  • $3,244,348 in long-term financing during the Great Recession with no private investment capital available (EECBG Funds: $2,882,399 and PG&E and SCE Rebates & Incentives: $111,949)
  • Access to short-term availability 1% ARRA loans. Due to its “shovel-readiness” described in the ARRA investment Grade Audit, the City of Grover Beach secured $444,951 of the $24,989,382 short-term availability loans.
  • Green Jobs Created: 50
  • Environmental Impact: Trees Planted – 21,961; Homes Powered – 77; Metric Tons of CO2 Reductions – 837; Cars Removed – 55
  • Total Annual Savings: $205,364

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